Suicide Tgirls
Love your blog and hope to enjoy more postings 😍

will post more soon

I wish to be like you so bad but feel I'm too old and no one for guidance. Is it to late for me in my 40's ? I want to live full time as a woman.

never too late to fulfill your destiny love…

Just found your blog... I'm loving it!! So fucking hot! Mind if I follow??

please do

Great blog you have here! You might also enjoy the one I've recently started on here as well. Feel free to check it out.

loved yours too… kisses

you look incredible. i'm so turned on by your pics and your blog. i want to experiment with a tgirl so bad.

then do so…

The person that asked why you were a "tranny" is not a mere idiot, but rather a waste of the precious air on this planet. That was all I really wanted to say. Have a nice day. :)

thank you love… kisses

luv to cum like this

luv to cum like this